Home Away From Home

When a horse is boarded at Shining Mountain Thoroughbreds, whether it is overnight or year round, it is treated exactly as I would treat one of my own. Safety, cleanliness, and the happiness and comfort of the horses are my main concern. Every effort is made to assure that any horse residing at Shining Mountain Thoroughbreds feels at home.    

  Top quality grass or alfalfa hay (owner's choice) is fed twice a day. Additional feedings, varieties of feed and/or supplements are available. Owners may also choose to provide their own feed which I will gladly give their horses. Horses are turned out daily and stalls are cleaned and allowed to air so that the horse has a comfortable place to come into at night. If a horse is on stall rest and can't be turned out, the stall will be cleaned several times a day. Stalls are bedded with shavings unless straw is required.  Water is provided in 2 6 gallon buckets per stall so that water intake can be monitored and any changes in amount consumed can be noted. Horses are fed at 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM every day so that the horses know when to expect food which seems to greatly decrease incidences of colic and other intestinal disturbances. Unless specified by the owner, horses are turned out individually and will not be in with a strange horse. I am more than willing to work with owners to meet any special needs or requirements of individual horses. No need is too great or too small.​     

 ​Overnights are welcome as well as long term and year round boarders. If travelling and looking to overnight at Shining Mountain Thoroughbreds, please call ahead of time to reserve a stall or pen to be sure of availability. If you are going out of town long or short term and need some place reliable to keep your horse, please consider Shining Mountain Thoroughbreds as your horse's home away from home. Additionally, horses not sick or injured enough to be stabled at a veterinarian's office or hospital but not well enough to go home or whose owner's don't have the time or ability to provide necessary recuperative care are also welcome.